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Ladder Toss

How to Play Ladder Ball

Game Setup

Each ladder should be placed 30 feet, or 10 yards away from each other. You’ll also need 6 bolas, or golf balls with a string tied between them. The game can be played in teams of two or in a one-on-one scenario. You and your partner should be at opposite ladders across from each other.

Game Rules

To play the game, opponents stand to the sides of the ladders and alternate throwing all three of their bolas, attempting to wrap them around the rungs of the ladders. Once all 6 bolas are thrown from one side, the other side throws them back, with the same goal of wrapping them around the ladder rungs.


Scoring works as follows:

  • 1 point – wrapping the bolas around the top ladder ring
  • 2 points – wrapping the bolas around the middle ring
  • 3 points – wrapping the bolas around the bottom ring

Once all 6 bolas are thrown from one side, the score for that round is totaled by taking the difference of the winning team’s score and their opponent. For example, the red team scores 6 points and the blue team scores 1 point. In this case, the red team would get 5 points for that round. The winning team of the previous round throws first to start the next round.

The first team to reach exactly 21 points wins!

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Published on: September 9, 2014
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