Tailgate like a champion this year.

Tailgate 360 Football Bean Bag Toss and Corn Hole Toss Set- Portable with Score Counter and Carrying Handles

$83.12 $82.08

Portable Bean Bag Toss & Corn Hole Set
Folds for Portability
Includes 2 Boards


Product Description

Premium Football Tailgate Bean Bag Toss & Corn Hole Set!

These bean bag sets are lightweight and durable, and perfect for any tailgate event. You can fold them up for easy transport, and the legs are designed to accommodate flat and slanted ground. These tailgate bean bag toss products are made out of wood, not aluminum, and are resistant to weather and sunlight.

All of our bean bag toss sets feature high quality graphics, and are sure to turn heads. And they are the perfect size for bean bag toss / corn hole at any sporting event. Don’t use heavy, expensive home made sets that are a pain to store and set up – Get a portable Tailgate360 Bean Bag Toss Set today!


Wooden Portable Design
Score counter up to 100 in increments of 5
Weather Resistant
Fold Up for Easy Transport
High Quality Graphics
Measure 36″x24″
Four Leg Design to Adjust to Any Surface
Soft Impact Design to Minimize Noise
1 Year Warranty

Portable Bean Bag Toss & Corn Hole Set
Folds for Portability
Includes 2 Boards
1 Year Warranty

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