Tailgate like a champion this year.

Wild Sports Football Field Tailgate Toss Cornhole Game

$99.99 $52.29

Football design
Wild Sports




36 x 24 x 4 -Inch


Product Description

Be a tailgate cornhole champion with the Football Field Cornhole Game. This game comes with eight 12 oz. bean bags and two 2′ x 3′ boards that feature a football field design that will be great for every backyard cookout, tailgate party at the stadium, or family gathering. It is easy to set up and transport with its sturdy carry handle and foldable legs.
Football Field Tailgate Toss Cornhole boards are 2×3 Foot and made from a durable MDF material with laminate coated graphic design.
8- 6×6 inch, 12 oz bean bags made with durable polyester blend and filled with all weather filler
Foldable legs allow for easy storage
Boards velcro to each other with a space to store bean bags & feature a side handle for easy transportation.
Great Game for the whole family to play in the backyard, at a tailgate & beyond

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